Study for safe guns and its future implication

Those who consider taking a look at the Americans firearm studies issues and control statistics it is very clear the deaths are quite high but on the other hand it is also the responsibilities of the citizen to control it.Guns kept securely and safely always helpful for not only those who handle them but others especially the kids .Likewise educating the children is also quite important not only for those who have history of guns or who carry guns but all the families because it is general issue not one or two families.

Those  who  store their guns in a safe know that safety should be their first priority. There are different types available made especially for firearms to keep at various places at home or in your car.These safes keep them away from children and anyone else who might try to get it.This site lists some of the best and have also reviewed great number of the them in detail.

Some of the best protected firearms are in a biometric gun safe.These safes are sometimes known as Fingerprint Gun Safes, since they need your fingerprint to open. You can program this to open only with your fingerprint, or someone else’s, such as the spouse etc.These Gun safes can usually store a few number of fingerprints.

Other possible future implementation of biometrics  is being  projected with two possible technologies,both funded by NIJ.But none of them have reached a level of discrimination required by the law enforcements.One is owned by Smith and wesson which uses skin spectroscopy called the lightprint by lumidigm.The discovery made by researchers was that human skin of an individual can act as his fingerprints. The thickness of the skin and the presence of the unique characteristics of each individual, as well as the ease of reading this information simply by radio graphic testing of the skin by the laser beam in a fraction of a second can be used in the futur in the field of electronic identification of user of the weapon. As in the devices with the fingerprint reader, a pistol and a rifle will be equipped with a small device that unlocks the weapons only for the owner. The advantage of this technology compared to fingerprinting –is no need to process the image. Measured only by the wavelength of light reflected skin, which reduces power consumption and size of the device. Other technology is the one designed by NJIT which uses hand grip pressure to identify the user.This technology have an advantage that it can be used even when the skin is wet or wearing hand gloves.