Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Review

Say you’ve been researching gun safes, and came across one called the “Second Amendment”. It’s a pretty bold claim to use a reference to the Constitutional amendment that gives the right to bear arms. You’d probably expect a few things of a safe with that name, like:

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • High Quality
  • Excellent Customer Service

Well, I’m happy to report that these are all true, and all that at a very

easonable cost. The Second Amendment safe was created by Blue Dot, which has been around since 2004. Although they are young compared to other safe companies, they are reliable to produce high quality gun storage.

For what you’d pay for a budget safe, you get the following with the Second Amendment:

  • The capacity to store up to 30 rifles and over 20 cubic feet total storage space. While not everyone needs this much space (and there is a smaller and less expensive model available that stores up to 24 guns), it is standard practice to buy a safe that is larger than you think you need. This is because many new safe owners suddenly realize that there are actually many personal items they want to protect using their new safe, and planning ahead by buying a bigger safe helps to keep you from running out of room.
  • High end security features, such as 12 gauge steel thickness, a two-way locking system with bolts that hold behind the door frame in multiple directions, a drill resistant plate to keep the lock safe from tampering, and a weight of 650 pounds. While many consider a high weight to be undesirable because it’s hard to get heavy safes down stairs, it is actually a security feature. Potential thieves can’t just carry it up the stairs and out of your house, and because they can’t just pry it open, your risk of losing your valuables is lower. There are also two predrilled holes in the floor of the safe to bolt it to the floor that further help to keep it firmly in place.

Potential Disadvantages

There are some possible disadvantages to this safe. One is that it does not come with a backup key, so if you forget your code, there isn’t another way to get into the safe. Some customers have been able to regain access with a master code by calling the customer service department and supplying proof of purchase.

Another potential disadvantage, depending on your personal taste, is the electronic lock. Some of us don’t like having to constantly replace batteries just to access our guns. Blue Dot has actually received enough complains about this that they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased – a real win-win and proof of the high quality customer service they offer.



The fire protection offered by this safe is for 1-hour up to 1,700 degrees – enough to withstand most residential fires. It also comes with door-hanging organizational pouches and shelving that allow you to store handguns and other valuables.

Also, when you order the safe that is 59x28x20-inches and it is fulfilled by Amazon, shipping is free! That’s an unbeatable deal!

The owners of this safe sum it up best:

Design seems solid and will last a lifetime… – Amazon Reviewer

Very nice safe. The specs on this safe are very good for the price paid. Fit, finish, and construction are all good. – Amazon Reviewer


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