Fort Knox FTK-PB review

This safe is designed as strongest in the range.It is possibly the strongest safe for small guns.Also fast and quick to open.Since being heavy it is not meant for carrying and will best serve its purpose if mounted somewhere inside car or at home.The lid is made of heavy steal and opens with gas assisted lid openers.

Another safe made by Fortknox is FTK Auto is slimmer and deeper to be put under the bed or seat of the car etc.Product quality and functions are same.Fort knox uses simplex lock and it works perfectly whenever you use it even after 10 years.Also most difficult to pry open.With pry bar or hammer it will take considerable amount of time and perhaps much more noise for intruder to be caught.


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We admire the folks at Fort Knox, for creating a modern, attractive, handgun box. In these days of cheap, sub-standard products, it is refreshing to find a high quality product made here at home, with a fair price. Looked upon as a complete safety solution for our ever-changing neighborhoods, this handsome container displays that sense of past ‘Americana.’

The Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box is constructed of a robust 10 gauge steel enclosure, measuring 4 1/4” x 12 1/2” x 103/8”, and weighing 24 pounds. Constructed with generous padding inside, your handguns will not move at all. Utilizing a gas piston opening, it is a breeze to open, and the lid will stay up. A Simplex lock is used, which contains 1081 possible combinations, and does not require batteries. Some Simplex locks which are more than 20 years old, are still in use today; relieving any concern you may have if you do not open your box for a long period of time. These types of locks are rugged and weatherproof, utilizing simple mechanical action, which allows swift access. The locking buttons allow you to push two at a time, which increases the difficulty required to figure out the code. Being the most durable gun box on the market, you could drive your car over this beauty without sustaining damage. Unlike other spring operated pistol boxes, the FTK-PB will not open if dropped on its side. For vehicle applications, Fort Knox has thought well in advance, providing multiple holes in the bottom which enables mounting the case to the floor. If you so desire, it could easily be mounted on any other wood or metal surface indoors.

Complete with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, Fort Knox Security Products, at no charge, will replace the safe if broken into or damaged, due to criminal activity. If the safe suffers damage due to flood, fire, or other accident, it will be replaced or repaired at the manufacturers’ discretion.

Fabricated in the United States of America, the FTK-PB is UL Listed, and meets California Firearms Safety Device Requirements. Surpassing the recognized standards set forth by Underwriters Laboratory, this handgun box is put through a battery of grueling tests. To ensure top quality, drilling and tampering tests are conducted on the safe.

So if you are in the market for a handgun safe that is built to your grandfather’s standards, check out the Fort Knox FTK-PB. You will not be disappointed.

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