Locking mechanism in guns

Locking mechanism used in guns

Main purpose of locking a gun is to keep it away and prevent its use from the ones  whom you don’t want to..

Gun locks comes mainly  with  two mechanism

a.)    Locks mounted on the safe itself.

b.)   Lock mountable on trigger of the gun.

and also locks like this…  haha

So Safe locks are of variety of forms.

1.)Electronics locks-

Electronic locksConventional ones are the dial locks or mechanical combination lock system.But with technology electronics locks became pupolar.

1.)They are fast.

2.)Much easier to open locks or to change the combination then the conventional dial ones.

3.)Can be opened in dark

4) Looks cool.

Only issue is their batteries may die out.So  you need to regularly check them.For that reason some prefer mechanical combination lock because they dont need batteries and are still programmable with codes and also more secure

Other locks are

2.)Biometric gun safe

Biometric gun safeThese types of locks are hack proof and if you are the only one using your gun or if you want that it can be accessed only  by your consent then it is the best.It opens with your finger prints.You press your finger onto button and the locks opens.As no one can have your finger print because they are unique nobody can access it.
3.) Locks with keys.Not to mention it is the simplest form of locks and are cheap.

4.)Steel cable locks-These locks falls in other category mentioned above and are able to protect the Steel cable locksgun from use because you cannot fill ammo inside.So it can  also be way to secure weapons.

5.Trigger lock-

Trigger locksIn such type of locks the trigger of gun could not be pressed as it will be locked inside a small case.

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