Mesa Safe Company – MBF6032E

Mesa Safe Company is a relative newcomer to the gun safe industry compared to the likes of a Winchester or a Remington. They were founded in 1981 to start making high quality cash safes for businesses, but soon expanded into residential safes. The founder, who still runs the company, started his working career as a locksmith, and using his hands-on, practical knowledge, oversaw the creation of reasonably priced and high quality safes.

One of the most popular safes they offer is the MBF6032E, which is

Mesa MBF6032E Gun Safe

given high ratings by those who own it. The following comments are typical:

I’d been putting off buying a gun safe for a long time and I finally took the plunge. I feel like this was a good deal and I got a lot of bang for the buck so to speak. – Amazon Customer Review

We are in Canada so gun safe is required. This safe is such a good option that we have two of them now! – Amazon Customer Review

So enough talk – let’s get to the bottom line. What does this safe offer?

  • Fire protection up 1,750 degrees for 1 hour. Most residential fires are noticed quickly, especially if you live in a city or small town. If a fire happens at your house, it’s unlikely that it would last over an hour. That is – unless you live in a rural area without neighbors for miles around. In that case, you may want a higher fire rating temperature and duration.
  • Weight of 650 pounds. While it may be a hassle to move this safe into your basement or storage space the first time, it’s weight makes it unlikely that it can be moved out of your house in an attempted robbery (unless they happened to hire a moving crew!). It also comes with predrilled holes to allow you to bolt it into your basement floor, and if you do that, this safe won’t be going anywhere!
  • Over 14 cubic feet of storage – enough space to store around 20 rifles. The number of rifles stored may be lower depending on if your rifles have scopes or are larger for any reason.
  • An electronic lock with relocking device. This means that you get the convenience of a modern keypad to open the safe, and the relocking device ensures that if the lock is tampered with, the safe goes into “lockdown” mode so that it can’t be unlocked. The keypad is run on batteries, and if they ever run out of juice, they are easily replaced by removing the keypad putting fresh ones in the back. It also comes with an emergency key so that if you are every locked out for any reason, you can still get access to your guns and valuables.
  • Adjustable shelving is included so that you can store other valuables in the safe, such as jewelry, important documents, and smaller handguns.

Mesa Safe also has fantastic and responsive customer service so that if you do have an issue with the safe, it will get resolved quickly. The MBF6032E is a fantastic choice for its price and won’t let you down!


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