V-Line Top Draw Security Case Review

Gun owners come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and their needs and goals in owning a firearm are as varied as the owners themselves. Happily, the V-Line Top Draw Security Case is ready and able to meet those needs. The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is, however, perfect for those gun owners seeking a small, stylish, and secure area to store their handgun. It also works great for storing valuables and important documents. To learn more about how this safe can help keep you and your family safe and secure, simply keep reading this V-Line Top Draw Security Case review.

Construction and security

The V-Line Top Draw Security Case measures twelve by nine by two and one-half inches on the exterior, while the interior can hold a volume of just over 205 cubic inches (11.75″ x 8.75″ x 2″).

The locking mechanism is a five-button mechanical type, and though it is possible to enter nearly eleven hundred individual combinations, the lock itself is designed to grant the owner quick and easy access. The case weighs approximately ten pounds, and is crafted of steel, with a 3/8 inch solid steel locking block which both protects and guides the locking bolt’s smooth, precise action.

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Additional security features include an anti-pry clamshell design, a continuous hinge to impede removal of the case’s pins, and locking bolts which pass directly through the inner frame, thus adding a secondary layer of anti-pry protection.


The V-Line Top Draw Security Case tries quite hard to look like a sort of briefcase, both in dimensions and in the way it opens (this is a top-opening device).

It continues this style with its sleek lines and textured, powder-coated matte black color scheme, although it should be noted that optional accents, logos and other such personal touches may be added as a replacement to the standard company logo and gold pin-striping if the buyer wishes.


Inside, this security case is equipped with dense, impact absorbing foam. This helps keep your important items safe and secure at all times.

Finally, for ease of installation, the V-Line Top Draw Security Case comes standard with multiple pre-drilled bolt holes. This allows The V-Line Top Draw Security Case to be installed in a variety of ways, including wall-mounting via the optional mounting plate, sold separately.


Speaking of which, as it is such a no-brainer add-on, here’s a word or two about the optional mounting bracket. It is crafted of the same high-quality materials as the V-Line Top Draw Security Case itself, yet weighs scarcely two pounds. It allows the owner to transport his or her case, making moves and other such occasions a breeze. Again following the V-Line Top View’s lead, the mounting bracket comes with pre-punched, “no tools necessary” holes – all an owner needs is a few lug bolts and some flat washers, and he or she may safely and securely mount their new case to almost any surface. It is, however, recommended that one ensure proper installation for maximum safety and security.


A quick note for the well-armed residents of California (and any other curious reader): The V-Line Top Draw Security Case is a California approved safety device, and as such, it meets all currently applicable laws governing such devices. This includes the statutes and regulations found in, pursuant to, and resultant from California Penal Code 12088.


While i wouldn’t consider this a top league pistol safe, its features do position it in a good place among the good safes out there. For a gun owner in search for a heavier duty pistol safe i would advise to take a look at other safes such as Fort Knox. For a gun fan looking for a descent safe to protect his pistol – the V-Line is a bang for the buck.

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